A unique platform for piloting your communication via multitarget and multicanal newsrooms 

A push & pull strategy in order to encourage the exchanges with your B2B2C networks, make it easier, make it flow better and accelerate it


Win your active network's loyalty

On a dedicated newsroom

Centralize your numerical assets, events, news... in a platform that is connected to all the actors of your ecosystem (journalists, influencers, buyers, retailers, architects, agencies..) and adjustable to their needs.



Capture potential client's networks

In our marketplaces

Our marketplaces which are dedicated to medias & buyers list hundreds of lifestyle brands' pressrooms and showrooms. Almost 5 000 monthly requests are analyzed to index your assets and optimize your referencing.

Pressroom, Showroom, Professional space… all your content is reachable and exploitable 24/7

  • Flexible
  • Integrated to your website
  • Responsive design
  • Sharing options (eshop, social networks)
  • Shopping requests / Pre-orders
  • HD downloading
  • French / English
  • Qualified tracking
  • Secured platform
  • Suitable for B2P marketplaces
  • Lookbooks/campaign pictures
  • Legended packshots
  • Communication documents
  • News
  • Stores listing
  • Social networks flow
  • Contacts
  • Unlimited updates

  • Standard newsroom

    Standard newsroom Kann

    Customization :

    • Homepage and website color
    • Sector : 1 (B2P)
    • Research : free

    Ex. Kann Design

    Creation of a pressroom

    3 tabs : collections, documents, stores

    Referenced on B2P Media with access to data given to its PR agency

  • Customized newsroom

    Customized newsroom Muskhane

    Personnalisation :

    • Homepage and website color
    • Sectors : multiple (B2P)
    • Research : filters

    Ex. Muskhane

    Creation of a newsroom to plug on two "professionnal" tabs on the brand's website : pressroom & personal space

    An arborescence that is adapted to the brand's sectors : fashion, home, kids

    Synchronization of those platforms on B2P marketplaces : B2P Media and B2P Wholesale

    Products indexation and optimum referencing on marketplaces

  • Tailor-made newsrooms

    Tailor-made newsroom Le Soft

    Customization :

    • Full customization
    • Sectors : free
    • Research : tailor-made

    Ex. Coca-Cola

    Creation of a pressroom for the Coca-Cola event « Le Soft »

    Automatical accreditation from a given file

    Feedback live on the pressroom and the pictures from the event Photo Booth

    Sharing and downloading button on each picture and each scorecard

    No synchronization on the marketplaces B2P Media and B2P Wholesale

You already have a pressroom or a professional space ? Plug it on our marketplaces

Indexed for an optimized referencing on our marketplaces… your content can attract new contacts

B2P Media & B2P Wholesale, real inspirational resources for 4 000 accredited journalists/influencers and 5 000 identified buyers.
Research a trade, find the latest innovations presented during a fair, make selections from a color, a material, research new suppliers...
We do index your brand, its values, its news and collections to make it match the request.

  • Decoration & Design

  • Food & Drinks

  • Fashion & Accessories

  • Baby & Kids